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Here at Lambeth Scientific Services Limited, we are a dedicated asbestos testing company that provides asbestos sampling services throughout Woking, Guildford and wider Surrey. We have over 50 years of experience as well as UKAS accreditation for laboratory air testing since March 1995, making us a trusted name in the asbestos testing industry.
Our team are dedicated to ensuring commercial properties undergo a proper risk assessment so they are safe for everybody who uses them. We are fully qualified to collect, handle and transport asbestos samples and transport them safely to our in-house lab for analysis.
Asbestos sampling is the process of collecting and analysing materials to determine whether they contain asbestos. If you suspect you have asbestos in your commercial building or are about to undergo major renovations, then you should always seek the help of a licenced asbestos contractor to help with your investigations, as taking samples yourself can be hazardous.
It is not always obvious whether asbestos is present in a building as it is often mixed up with other materials that may seem harmless. Furthermore, asbestos particles are naked to the human eye, so the only way to know for certain your material is contaminated is to study it under a microscope.

A Range of Asbestos Sampling Services

Asbestos samples are typically taken as part of an overall asbestos survey – which we provide to commercial customers throughout the region. It is a legal requirement for duty holders to manage and monitor asbestos in buildings used for commercial purposes, so a survey is necessary if you are planning to undergo work that could disturb known or suspected asbestos. There are two types of asbestos surveys:

Asbestos management survey (formally Type 2)

This survey is carried out to clarify if known or suspected asbestos could be disturbed during day-to-day use of the building. Abestos-containing material in good condition is not a health risk; however, the presence of asbestos must always be monitored and recorded. This type of survey is relatively.

Asbestos refurbishment/demolition survey (formally Type 3)

Our analysts will remove the enclosure, checking once more for any visible traces of dust and will make sure the area is visibly clean. Once we are satisfied the area is asbestos-free, we will issue a Certificate of Reoccupation.

Quick & Easy Asbestos Sampling

Whilst an asbestos licence is not required in the UK to collect samples yourself, it is strongly recommended you seek the services of an experienced asbestos sampling company to avoid further contamination and exposure to dangerous asbestos fibres.
The volume of material collected depends on the composition of the building. The three most common types of asbestos are Chrysotile, Crocidolite and Amosite, which are typically found in:
When it comes to handling potentially harmful substances, safety is paramount. We take care to secure the area, restricting access to anyone not directly involved in the sample-collecting process. We may also close off any heating or cooling systems to prevent fibres from spreading. Our staff are fully kitted out in appropriate PPE and complete their work with careful efficiency. We take samples away for analysis in our in-house lab and turn around results as soon as possible. Our findings will be included in an overall report detailing the risk factors and suggested actions.

Why Choose Lambeth Scientific Services Ltd?

There are several reasons why clients throughout Surrey and beyond turn to us for reliable asbestos testing.
We have worked with a variety of clients, including local authorities, the MOD, hospitals, private individuals and schools
We have vast experience in both commercial and domestic settings
All our testing is performed in-house in our specialist laboratories
We have held UKAS accreditation for laboratory air testing since March 1995
We have attained ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation for asbestos fibre counting procedures
All of our work is done in accordance with the in-house methods based on Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Guidance HSG 248: Asbestos: The analysts’ guide

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