Asbestos has been used predominantly in commercial and domestic premises in mid-20th century.   Asbestos types such as blue (Crocidolite) and brown (Amosite) and white (Chrysotile) asbestos were mainly used.  Disturbed or damaged asbestos can release air borne fibres of microscopic size into the air that can be hazardous to health if breathed or swallowed.

Asbestos removal is carried out according to Health and Safety Regulations by licensed contractor due to the severe health risk associated with it.  Asbestos air testing is required on completion of the asbestos remedial work by the licensed contractor.

Lambeth Scientific Services Ltd. is accredited  since 1995 . The accreditation no. is 0937.  Accreditation status and schedule of accreditation can be viewed on UKAS website.

The laboratory participates in external quality scheme, the Regular Inter-laboratory Counting Exchange (RICE) run by Health and Safety Executive.  The laboratory is constant achiever of ‘Category 1’.

Coupled with the accreditation and qualified experienced analysts, the laboratory is fully equipped to provide the following air sampling and testing;

  • Leak (enclosure integrity check);
  • Background;
  • Reassurance;
  • Non-clearance;
  • 4-Stage Clearance of Re-occupation.

All analysts are qualified to BOHS or equivalent proficiency examinations and trained to undertake asbestos air tests.

The laboratory has a fleet of mobile laboratories that are equipped to undertake analysis of air test samples using phase contrast microscopy and produce reports on site.